Bacardi Limited
Bacardi Limited

The new bottle design cements the extraordinary BACARDÍ heritage into the hearts and minds of today's consumer by connecting it with the human passion, untameable spirit and fine craftsmanship. The iconic BACARDÍ bat logo, representing the family unity. Facundo Bacardí signature - the signature of our founder. Una Empresa an inscription meaning "Family Enterprise". La Palmera Legendaria means "The Legendary Palm Tree". Royal Spanish Coat of Arms,our most significant achievement, the award for quality received in 1888. Imported from Puerto Rico - the location this bottle of BACARDÍ came from (besides Puerto Rico it can be Mexico and India). Receta Familiar Original means "The Original Family Recipe". Medals - a selection of awards received since 1862. Establecido en 1862 Santiago de Cuba which means "First produced in 1862 in Santiago de Cuba".
Dewar`s White Label Contents: blended scotch whisky

Packing: 100 cl; 70 cl; 5 cl bottle

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