Fabbri Fabbri is an Italian Company established 1905 by Genaro Fabbri. Quality is the core of the Fabbri Company, as well as the Amarena Fabbri is its icon. In its portfolio Fabbri has created over 1200 premium quality products for AFH и Retail channels in a total of 17 product ranges - fruit syrups and purees, gourmet sauces, toppings, soft drinks, ice creams, confectionery, decorations and ready-to-make products for the food industry . Inspired by Italian tradition, Fabbri products anticipate new trends in consumer taste and offer gelato makers, pastry chefs, restaurateurs, owners of bars and public establishments of all kinds, the best solutions to give shape to their creativity.

Gourmet Sauce
Gourmet Sauce Yellow Vanilla Contents: Gourmet Sauce with elegant vanilla flavor

Packing: Squeezable Bottle 0.95kg

Price: 17.05 leva

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